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Jim Lamb

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How I Became a Philosopher
  • I became a philosopher as a teenager in high school.
  • I had been raised a Roman Catholic, accepting church dogma without question. But I was also quite rational. So I decided to live my life to maximize the probability of going to heaven. Which meant becoming a priest.
  • But a thought struck me one day that changed my life:
    • What if I’m wrong? What if I live my entire life based on a falsehood?
  • My irreligious experience woke me from my “dogmatic slumber,” in Kant’s wonderful phrase.
  • I proceeded to ask myself the quintessential philosophic question:
    • How do I know? How do I know that God exists, that there’s a heaven and hell, that what the Church taught was true?
  • I was a philosopher.
Education and Teaching
As a Philosopher