Emergence of Life

The Argument

  • Living things came into existence.
  • Living things cannot come from nonliving things.
  • Therefore a supernatural being created living things.


  • Abiogenesis, the theory that life evolved from nonliving matter, is plausible.
  • If a theory is plausible, no competing theory is reasonable to believe.
  • Therefore, it’s not reasonable to believe that a supernatural being created living things

Sketch of Origin of life

  • evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article/origsoflife_04
    • Simple organic molecules were formed, e.g. sugars, nucleic acids, amino acids.
    • Replicating molecules evolved and began to undergo natural selection.
    • Replicating molecules became enclosed within a cell membrane.
    • Some cells began to evolve modern metabolic processes and out-competed those with older forms of metabolism.
    • Multicellular organisms evolved.
  • In the 1953 Miller-Urey experiment amino acids were produced from a mixture of water vapor, methane, ammonia, and molecular hydrogen, zapped by electricity.