Quantum Mechanics

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Quantum Mechanics, the theory of the interactions among atoms, subatomic particles, and electromagnetic radiation, “has proved extraordinarily successful at predicting all of the observed behaviors of all physical systems under all circumstances.” (Britannica) But at its heart is a mystery which, in Richard Feynman’s words, “we cannot make go away by ‘explaining’ how it works.”
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  • Postulates and Prediction
    • Quantum Mechanics predicts the probabilities of observables, yet doesn’t track their values between between measurements.
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  • A Quantum Experiment
  • Completeness and Measurement
    • Does the probabilistic nature of QM’s predictions result from not knowing all the variables or from real chance in nature?
    • What constitutes a measurement and precisely when does a measurement take place?
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  • The Mystery of Quantum Mechanics